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At UniLah., we help our partners to dive into the student market and achieve marketing objectives through personalised solutions.

About us
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A student exclusive community through our instant verification technology, delivering gated exclusive experiences to students

A digital solutions that enables students to better discover, manage and ultimately enjoy exclusive discounts and deals

Enabling students to explore deals, updated with new product offerings and stay connected with trusted brands and partners 

Why UniLah.?


It's simple

Manage all your deals
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business and deals today

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Why UniLah.
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partner today

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Get ready and dive into student market today!

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  • What is UniLah.?
    UniLah. is a student app that provides student exclusive discounts and deals.
  • How does it work?
    It's simple with only three steps: 1. Explore student exclusive deals on UniLah. app 2. Redeem discount codes of the deals and apply it online or flash the code to the staff in store 3. Manage all your deals and keep track on your savings in one place
  • Who is eligible to use UniLah. app?
    UniLah. is a student exclusive platform where users have to verify their student profile before accessing the app.
  • Do i need to pay to redeem each discount/deal?
    No, all the discounts and deals are student exclusive and free.
  • How much does it cost to join UniLah. - The student app?
    UniLah. platform is free and exclusively for all valid student users. Sign up and start redeem your discounts/deals today!

Be a UniLah. partner today!

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Be a UniLah. partner today
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